Why hire a Managed Services Provider?

Let’s start with a simple scenario where a company has Jenny who is paid $20 an hour whose computer has stopped working. He spends 15 minutes, rebooting and such, trying to fix the issue himself. When that fails to resolve the issue, Jenny contacts Bill, the ‘computer expert’ on the staff, a lower level person paid $15 an hour but is ‘really good with computers’. For 45 minutes, Bill and Jenny work together to try to resolve the issue, before calling the manufacturer of the computer. Both employees stay on the phone for an hour with support, troubleshooting until it is determined the computer cannot be fixed, remotely. The “Real Tech” is called and arranges to come in the next morning. He arrives and spends an hour resolving the issue and the computer is good to go, again.

Now to review the numbers.

Jenny spent $5 trying to fix the issue herself.

Bill and Jenny spent 45 minutes working on it, together. For a cost of $11.25 (Bill) plus $15 (Jenny) for a total of $26.25.

Next the both spent an hour on the phone with support for a total of $35.

Expecting 50% productivity out of Jenny, for the 8-hour day cost the company $80.

One hour of on-site technician was $125.

This cost the company $271.25.

This is known as the ‘Break/Fix’ computer business model. The customer is hoping that there is not an issue Fred’s computer, tomorrow.

Now, to look at it from a different perspective. The Managed Services business model.

Erin’s company has a contract with Central City Computer Services. This contract she pays them $700 per month, which gets Erin and her company unlimited on-site service, unlimited remote service, 24x7x365 monitoring of all the equipment on her small business, ‘Virtual CIO’ services and vendor management. Under this agreement, Jenny would spend her 15 minutes, before calling CCCS helpdesk. The tech then remotes into Jenny’s computer and suggests she takes a break. He finds a corrupted update and rolls it out as this type of issue is covered by the contract, returning the system to full functionality and is done in less than 45 minutes. Total downtime for this scenario is 1 hour and a cost of $20 in lost productivity. And Erin is not very worried about Fred’s computer having the same issue, tomorrow, or next week, because it is already covered and paid for.

This is one small example of what Indy’s I.T. Department does for our clients. We build winning partnerships. As an MSP, we offer the vCIO services to help a company grow and move forward by applying the correct technology. We also offer vendor management wherein we interface with, for example, the cable company providing internet access to the business. As we have multiple clients in different parts of town, we are aware of the pricing and service differences. Not only do we interact on the client’s behalf, speaking the same language as the tech support staff, when there is an issue. We also help our client get the very best deals and rates available, because of our exposure to other clients of the cable company.

If this is the kind of cost and productivity savings you are looking for, contact Indy’s I.T. Department at 317-560-4443 or cio@indysitdepartment, today. Let us help you.

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