What is PACE?


PACE is a planning tool I learned in the ARMY. PACE is an acronym for Primary, Alternate, Contingent and Emergency. Specifically, at the time, it was used to describe the communications plans for a unit in different situations. Over time, I have learned to apply PACE to many other aspects of life and business. Here I will demonstrate the use of PACE where it comes to the communications of your business network.



The Primary form of communications in your business is most likely e-mail. It works well both internally and externally, provides tracking and history of when a message was sent and received. Additional links and disconnected information can be attached to the message, providing a relevant content to the message. Formatting of different types will allow customization of the message to the recipient yet can still allow one message to be sent to several unique individuals at one time.



The Alternate form of communication in your business is probably paper messages. These may be post-it style notes left on a colleague’s desk or printer flyers and letters to clients and prospective customers. Again these can be formatted for single target use or multiple persons as intended recipients. Rich content is limited to static images, though links to additional and supportive information can be inserted, the reader must work to get to the information.



Contingency plans are exactly that. They are usually implemented when the Primary and Alternate options have failed or are not available. In communications for your business, your contingency plan may be to use the phone. This is not the most efficient use of time or resources, but it can be effective. It also limits what information can be transmitted and received, but will still get the job done.




This is the last and final option of a plan. If you get to this fails, there is nothing left to try. In a business model, where you MUST get a message to someone and nothing else has worked, this is where you are. In a business model, this is where you are reliant upon someone else to deliver the message. As an example, a collection message, delivered through an attorney could fit in this category.


As you can see PACE is just a plan. An ‘If, Then, Else’ plan, but still just a plan. And it is very effective. Many people are already using PACE, they just do not realize it. If their car is having problems, they plan to call a co-worker, IF the car won’t start. Failing that they will contact Uber. And if that fails, they will take the bus or walk or … something. PACE is all about being prepared to get the mission or task done. We apply PACE to a variety of elements in supporting our clients. Communications is just on element. We apply PACE to our backup solutions, business continuity planning, emergency preparedness and even our backup strategies.

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