The Case of the Talking Computer

Potential customer calls yesterday evening requesting information about anti-malware protection for his 14 year old son’s computer. After some conversation, the father assisted me with gaining remote access to the son’s computer. Once I was able to see the screen, it was full of pornographic images. I could hear, through the phone a half dozen or more female voices, from various websites suggesting a variety of different products.

I promised I could clean most of the offensive stuff, remotely. To which he asked I demonstrate what I could do. So, I installed the WebRoot SecureAnywhere security suite Indy’s I.T. Department offers. Within a few minutes, the majority of the pop-ups were gone.

A reboot and reconnect, I was able to show the father all of the pop-ups were gone. He started the web-browser and was presented with a screen informing him that the site he was attempting to visit was a known phishing site.
This lead to a discussion of what phishing is, then other types of privacy invasion and personal information collection.

In short the father was pleased with the partial solution provided him. We discussed rates and subscriptions to which he promised to get back with me, hanging up the phone and disconnecting the remote session.

I’m not familiar with too many 14 year old boys who have QuickBooks and BusinessPlan Pro applications on their desktops.

If you have a computer that is running poorly, suffers from pop-ups or is frequently crashing with no reason why, call us at Indy’s I.T. Department at 317-560-4443 to help clean up and protect your system and your information.

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