Installing Indy’s I.T. Department’s Support Agent

Download and install the Support Agent for Indy’s I.T. Department’s free monitoring of your computer system.

First, visit Select, download and run the AgentSetup.exe program.

Follow the images, below to install the support agent.

** If you receive this ‘Fix Identity’ notice, please stop and contact Indy’s I.T. Department at 317-560-4443 or via e-mail as cio@indysitdepartment, so we can work with you to get the issue resolved. **

Next, we need to know which machine is yours. The support agent populate populate your machine name and other stats into our monitoring dashboard. From the dashboard, we will be able to see and identify issues with your machine, usually before they become a problem. By proactively addressing issues, before they become a problem, we can keep the machine running better with less downtime.

In order for us to work together to more efficiently keep your machine well supported, we need to create an account for you, in our dashboard and assign the machine to that account. After installing the support agent, please send an e-mail to with your name, business name, address and the name of the machine. Details on how to find the system name are listed below. We will also need the best e-mail address to contact you at, as well as a phone number.

Start by press and hold the ‘Windows key’, then tap the letter ‘E’. This keyboard shortcut will open Windows Explorer. On the left, find where our computer is listed. It may read ‘This PC’ as below. Or it may read as ‘My Computer’ or just ‘Computer’.

Once you have identified your computer, right click on it, and select ‘Properties’.

Notice the ‘Full computer name: has been highlighted. This is the computer name we will need.

With this agent installed and these details, we can monitor and notify you of issues with your machine that need to be resolved, before a critical issue negatively impacts your business. The monitoring is a free service we are extending to our friends and fellow small businesses. If you have any questions or other technical needs, please feel free to contact Indy’s I.T. Department at 317-560-4443 or via e-mail as

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