How to clear your history on 4 browsers


Quick. Simple. And highly effective at helping to protect your privacy. Follow these steps to clear the search history on your web browsers. If your web browser is storing information, such as cookies that show what sites your visit or the items you searched for, then that information may be available to other websites and malicious software. Imagine if your bank account login details were stored as a cookie? Or the details to access your 401K plan? Yeah, so clearing your browser history, frequently, is a pretty good idea to help you protect yourself from an individual data breach.


Apple’s default browser is Safari. You are not able to clear your browsing history directly with Safari; you need to do it through the gadget’s settings. Here is how to do it:
•    Open Settings
•    Tap Safari
•    Scroll down and select Clear History and Website Data
•    Tap Clear History and Data to confirm

Google Chrome

Here are the steps to clearing Chrome’s history:
•    Open Google Chrome
•    Open Settings
•    Tap Privacy > History
•    Tap Clear on-device History
•    Tap Clear on-device History to confirm


To clear the history on Firefox, follow these steps:
•    Tap the hamburger menu at the bottom of the page
•    Tap Settings
•    Go to Clear Private Data
•    Select items you want to delete
•    Tap Clear Private Data again – this will generate a pop-up menu warning that this action can’t be undone
•    Tap OK to confirm

Opera is a lesser known web browser but there may be some of you using it. Here are the steps to clear its history:
•    Tap the red “O” at the bottom of the browser
•    Tap Settings
•    Go to Clear. You can clear specific items like cookies or saved passwords, or you can Clear All
•    Tap Yes to confirm

Now, every time you clear this history in your browsers, you are one step closer to keeping your private information safe and secure.

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