How to clear your history on 4 browsers

 Quick. Simple. And highly effective at helping to protect your privacy. Follow these steps to clear the search history on your web browsers. If your web browser is storing information, such as cookies that show what sites your visit or the items you searched for, then that information may be available to other websites and [...]

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3 Steps to Protect Your Digital Privacy

It is so much easier to complain about the loss of privacy on the internet than to do anything about it. The alternative? Be a hermit. A digital hermit, self-removed from the world as you currently know it. Here are three simple and easy steps to clean up and confuse your digital exhaust on the [...]

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The Case of the Talking Computer

Potential customer calls yesterday evening requesting information about anti-malware protection for his 14 year old son's computer. After some conversation, the father assisted me with gaining remote access to the son's computer. Once I was able to see the screen, it was full of pornographic images. I could hear, through the phone a half dozen [...]

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10-part series CyberSecurity for the Small Business – Introduction

Cybersecurity experts often refer to the 10/90 rule. The rule suggests that 10% of cybersecurity is reliant upon technology such as firewalls, anti-virus software and related tools. 90% of cybersecurity is up to the users. This past September (2017), the IRS released they were receiving reports of data breaches with tax professionals at the rate [...]

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What is PACE?

 PACE is a planning tool I learned in the ARMY. PACE is an acronym for Primary, Alternate, Contingent and Emergency. Specifically, at the time, it was used to describe the communications plans for a unit in different situations. Over time, I have learned to apply PACE to many other aspects of life and business. Here [...]

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Helping us help you

Often times it is easier if when helping you we can see the same thing you are seeing, as it is happening. Our monitoring tool includes a screen sharing solution, but not everyone wants to sign up for our monthly billed services agreement. In these cases, we still offer remote support, just with a different [...]

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What is the ‘Dark Web’?

What it is This is a good question, especially given today's abundance of news stories about hackers and the 'Dark Web'. To some, the dark web is like a 'VIP section' of an already exclusive night club. To others, it is a dark alley in some border town of Mexico. It is a part of [...]

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The 5 main advantages Managed Services provides a successful business operation

Running a business can be exhausting from all of the demands that are outside the core skills of the owner or management team. Your experiences give you a solid idea of what will be required to make your business a smooth running, streamlined success. The amount of time if can take to perform routine tasks, [...]

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Another Ransomware Attack Raging Across Europe

And ... Here we go, again. Another Ransomware attack is raging across Europe, right now, and has hit at least one US business.  Here is the basics of what you need to know:  The Petya virus is successfully detected by only a few of the tested anti-virus softwares. Webroot (which I offer to my clients) [...]

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