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Often times it is easier if when helping you we can see the same thing you are seeing, as it is happening. Our monitoring tool includes a screen sharing solution, but not everyone wants to sign up for our monthly billed services agreement. In these cases, we still offer remote support, just with a different tool. This page will show where to get and how to start the remote access application so we can help you, easier.

First start by opening your web browser to This will initiate a download of TeanViewerQS.exe. Once the download has finished, run this program.

When asked for it, please provide us with the string of numbers from the ‘Your ID’ and the ‘Password’ fields. We will use this to access your computer and help resolve the issues you are experiencing.

If, however, you do decide you would like to be on our subscription service, please drop a line to Daniel at or give us a call at 317-560-4443. Benefits of being on our subscription service is that we provide preventative maintenance, pro-active monitoring for performance and failure prediction and many other services.

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