How to clear your history on 4 browsers

 Quick. Simple. And highly effective at helping to protect your privacy. Follow these steps to clear the search history on your web browsers. If your web browser is storing information, such as cookies that show what sites your visit or the items you searched for, then that information may be available to other websites and [...]

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3 Steps to Protect Your Digital Privacy

It is so much easier to complain about the loss of privacy on the internet than to do anything about it. The alternative? Be a hermit. A digital hermit, self-removed from the world as you currently know it. Here are three simple and easy steps to clean up and confuse your digital exhaust on the [...]

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What is the ‘Dark Web’?

What it is This is a good question, especially given today's abundance of news stories about hackers and the 'Dark Web'. To some, the dark web is like a 'VIP section' of an already exclusive night club. To others, it is a dark alley in some border town of Mexico. It is a part of [...]

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