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Just a quick and short point I wish to remind everyone about is the ‘Rule of Three’ for using backups in protecting your data.

It’s actually a very simple thought process, but so many people just … don’t do it/don’t get it/don’t worry/don’t care … Until it is too late. THEN they care. A LOT.

The Rule of Three for data goes like this: If it is important, then have THREE copies.

So, using my own business as an example, I have a few written contracts with my clients. I have three copies of both the signed and the ‘blank’ contract that I use when signing new customers. I have the ‘working’ copy on the hard drive of my main workstation. I have a ‘saved’ copy on a USB hard drive. And the third copy is zipped and encrypted on my off-site backup service provider. (Yes, the one I also sell.)

Now, if something happens to the hard drive of my main workstation, I have a copy on that external hard drive. If my office space is violated and my equipment stolen or destroyed, I still have a copy on the off-site backup servers.

Side note: Services such as OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive are NOT backup services. Yes, they DO get your data offsite, but there is another very serious issue. Last week I had a client who was crushed because his ‘backup’ on OneDrive was also encrypted, just like the data on his hard drive, by the Cerber virus.  These kinds of services automatically duplicate changed files to the hosting server, over writing the ‘good’ files with the damaged or encrypted versions.

So, when looking to secure and protect your data, remember the ‘Rule of Three’ and use actual backup solutions. If you have questions on what you and your business needs to, please feel free to call us at 317-560-4443 or write to

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