Another Ransomware Attack Raging Across Europe

And … Here we go, again. Another Ransomware attack is raging across Europe, right now, and has hit at least one US business.


Here is the basics of what you need to know:


The Petya virus is successfully detected by only a few of the tested anti-virus softwares. Webroot (which I offer to my clients) has been updated and is one of those that successfully recognized this virus.


This ransomeware is being spread the same way as the WannaCry bug was, through holes in Microsoft’s file sharing technology. If that is patched, the likelyihood of becoming infected or spreading to others on your network is greatly reduced.


What you need to do, to protect yourself:


Run Windows updates on all machines. Make sure that all computers are current on all ‘Critical’, ‘Security’ and ‘Important’ updates.


Next ensure that all anti-virus/anti-malware software is current and updated, as well.


Finally, raise awareness with staff and computer users to be extra cautious on opening e-mail attachments or following questionable links.



If you have concerns or worries about your security and protection against malicious software, contact Indy’s I.T. Department at 317-560-4443 or via e-mail as for assistance.

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