10 Reasons to get a Tune-Up

If your company has never had a Network Tune-Up then you may not realize all of the immediate benefits that you will receive upon its completion. Below are ten of the most compelling benefits to your company.

As you know, a tune up will not solve all problems. The tune up catches problems early, before they become serious failures. The tune up prevents potential failure from delivering a business surprise when you cannot afford to have it happen.

A Network Tune Up will:

  1. Anti-Virus/Malware Check-Up
    1. Tell you if you have the right Virus Protection Software
    2. Tell you if your Virus Protection is software installed properly
    3. Tell you how long your Virus Protection software will protect you
    4. And offer suggestions if needed
  2. Common Software Updates Status
    1. Advise on changes to an update policy, if needed
    2. Advise on different software tools to complete projects
  3. Deployed Software Audit
    1. What software is installed on which machines
    2. What licenses are installed with each software package
  4. Tell you if you have adequate desktop system security
    1. Evaluation of Browser security settings
    2. Evaluation of software firewalls settings
  5. Tell you if you have adequate network storage security
    1. Accounts on server and storage accesses
    2. Permissions on each storage access
    3. Password policy
  6. Tell you if you have adequate Internet protections from unknown threats
    1. In depth analysis of your business firewall
    2. Penetration testing
  7. Tell you if you have an adequate Internet connection
    1. Internet data transfer speed tests
    2. Internet traffic usage (requires a full ‘normal’ business day of monitoring and a router/firewall device that supports traffic monitoring)
  8. Confirm the existence of a backup plan
    1. Evaluate backup settings on server
    2. Evaluate backup settings of workstations
    3. Evaluate backup media use and volumesĀ 

After a tune up is complete you will have one binder documenting all of your systems. A one-page assessment of your entire business-computing network will state where you are. You will know for sure that your system is safe and running well or know the steps needed to get there.

A free telephone consultation is available to determine if your company is a good candidate to schedule a tune up. Please call Indy’s I.T. Department at (317) 560-4443 and take the first steps to peace of mind regarding your computers.

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